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  • Y7 - 11
  • Y7 - 11 Games Kit
  • Shoe Lists
    • All items of uniform and games kit are compulsory and of regulation design and colour, unless otherwise indicated.
    • They are obtainable only from the appointed school outfitters with the exception of footwear.
    • All items of clothing must be clearly named with a sewn name tape. Shoes & watches must also be named.
    • If your daughter has pierced ears, only small plain gold, silver or diamond style studs may be worn in Years 7 – 10 inclusive. Year 11 may wear one pair of small earrings of a discreet style. Earrings may only be worn in the earlobes.
    • Make up is not permitted, except in Year 11, when discrete make up is allowed. Girls are not allowed to wear nail varnish.
    • Our suppliers have selected good quality fabric for all garments. Please follow washing instructions carefully, especially with the school jumpers.

    Compulsory Items

    • Regulation school blazer
    • Regulation tartan KJ35 style skirt for Years 7 to 9.  Existing navy skirt for Years 10 and 11.

    NB: when purchasing the skirt please ensure that the skirt is no shorter than knee length

    • Regulation teal blouse, short sleeved
    • Regulation navy school ‘V’ necked Jumper with teal stripe (Years 7 – 9)
    • Regulation navy Jumper with white and teal stripe (Year 10 and 11 only)
    • Navy/black tights to be worn in Autumn and Spring terms, and for formal events.  Navy ankle socks to be worn in Summer Term only.
    • Regulation navy overall for Science and Art classes
    • Cookery apron
    • Jute cookery bag (available from the Food Department)
    • Regulation black shoes must be worn with school uniform (see attached lists)
    • Regulation navy school bag – named with tape sewn on shoulder strap and name label completed for Y7 – Y9.  Y10 and Y11 – plain black school bag or plain black or navy school bag (no logo) capable of holding A4 files and textbooks.

    Optional Items

    (These are optional, but no alternative may be worn)

    • Regulation Tundra jacket
    • Navy gloves
    • Plain hair ties or hair band: navy or black.
    • Hair fasteners must be small and discreet
    • Regulation senior style scarf


    A list of regulation shoes is supplied.  In exceptional circumstances (eg size 10) shoes of a comparable style must be brought into school for approval before being worn.

    Girls whose shoe size is above size 7 should choose a style that is as similar as possible to the regulation shoes; for example the shoes should have a strap or laces and a sturdy sole.  These should be brought unworn into school for approval.  In the past girls in this situation have found the following websites useful: www.magnusshoes.com and www.tallgirls.co.uk.    

  • Games (Years 7 – 11)

    • Regulation navy skort
    • Regulation Halbro polo shirt
    • Regulation navy cycle style shorts
    • Regulation navy hoodie
    • Regulation Bluemax tracksuit bottoms
    • Training shoes
    • Black or white canvas plimsolls to be worn inside the gym only
    • Regulation hockey socks
    • White ankle socks for trampolines and summer games, to be kept in Games bag at all times
    • A hand towel should be brought to school and kept in the games bag at all times
    • Regulation navy games bag – must be named with name tape sewn on the shoulder strap.
    • Shoe or boot bag (any design/colour)
    • Mouth guard for hockey recommended
    • Astro shoes

    Swimming (Years 7 – 9)

    • Regulation costume
    • Plain cap in house colour: Cloaks – Red; Helmets – Yellow; Shields – Blue; Swords – Green
    • Towel
    • Regulation navy swimming bag with name tape sewn on the outside

    Gymnastics, Trampoline and Dance (Years 7 – 9)

    • Clean white ankle socks or white trampoline shoes
    • Plimsols, skort or shorts, games shirt as above.
    • Year 7 require ballet shoes for Dance
    • Year 8 and 9 will also require ballet shoes if they are taking Dance

    Additional Items

    • Hockey stick (Autumn & Spring terms)
    • Tennis racquet (Summer term only)
    • Athletics spikes (optional – Summer only)
    • Shin pads (for hockey and football)
    • Regulation base layer (skin)

    Please note: all items of uniform including watches MUST be clearly named and name tapes should be sewn securely all round. Hockey sticks and tennis racquets should be named in a permanent way (e.g. permanent pen, tippex, engraved).

    Watches and earrings must be removed for all physically active lessons. The latter should be stored in a small named box and handed to a member of the PE department for safe keeping.

  • Shoe Lists