• Years 7 – 9 Key Stage 3
  • Years 10 - 11 Key Stage 4
  • We aim to provide a broad and balanced programme for all pupils, which builds upon the National Curriculum and provides the basis for subsequent study at GCSE and Advanced Level.

    On entering the Senior School, pupils are assigned to a particular form in which they will remain in Years 7 and 8. Forms are usually rearranged in Year 9. A significant proportion of Year 7 and 8 lessons are taught in form groupings, which helps to provide all pupils with stability, and enables careful monitoring of their progress.

    As students move through the school, setting is introduced in some subjects, and the proportion of lessons taught in form groupings diminishes. Mathematics and English are taught in sets from the beginning of Year 7 and we are fortunate to be able to split Science into the three discrete disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics from the start of Year 7.

    In Year 8 pupils are able to personalise their curriculum by choosing between Dance and Drama. They are placed in either a second Modern Foreign Language, Latin or Classics set.

    During Year 9 there is the opportunity to attend an evening about the choice of subjects that are available at GCSE.

    The curriculum for Year 7 – 9 is detailed below:

    Core Languages  Humanities Creative/ Technology Other
    English Language French Latin Studies and Classics Art PE / Swimming
    English Literature German History Dance PSHCEE
    Mathematics Latin Geography Design Technology
    Biology Spanish RE Drama
    Chemistry Food
    Physics ICT



  • There is a wide choice of GCSEs available at Key Stage 4 and pupils choose 4 option subjects towards the end of Year 9.

    The core subjects are compulsory and total 6 GCSEs.  They are:

    English and English Literature


    Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Dual Science Award


    “Pupils’ benefit from a wide range of optional subjects at GCSE. The broad range of subjects, including the availability of three modern foreign languages and of separate sciences, is a strong feature of the curriculum, together with the fact that all girls study English literature, in addition to English.”

    ISI Inspection Report

    The other 4 GCSEs that pupils will take are chosen from the list of option subjects, and these include most of the subjects they have studied since joining Year 7. Pupils take a Modern Foreign Language and are encouraged to also study either History or Geography to fulfill EBacc requirements. Each pupil is advised individually in order to create the most suitable curriculum for them.

    For more detailed information about the subjects taught at Key Stage 4, please view our GCSE Options Booklet 2019 here.