Careers Advice

Preparations for future careers are included in Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Economic Education (PSHCEE) lessons from Year 7 onwards to ascertain how students assess their personalities, interests and favourite subjects. Discussion about career choices commences in Year 9 to help pupils choose sensible combinations of subjects for GCSE. During the course of Year 9, all students take part in the ‘Take Your Daughters to Work Day’ and complete a summary folder on their experience.

Pupils are taught how to use the Careers Section of the Library and they also have access to Careers software which give up to date information about a wide variety of careers.

In Years 10 and 11, a further careers programme, during PSHCEE lessons will encourage students to evaluate their strengths and interests and consider opportunities. Pupils will identify possible University degree courses and Year 10 are also able to take part in the Young Enterprise Scheme which gives them a taste of taking a role in a business organisation.

During the Summer Term in Year 10, the majority of pupils take part in ISCO (Independent Schools Careers Organisation) psychometric testing. These comprehensive tests and questionnaires help to reveal a pupil’s personality and potential and suggest types of careers which should be considered. This is then followed by extensive interviews at the beginning of Year 11 by ISCO careers advisors with a further Surgery Session later in the year.

A programme leading to work experience for each pupil for one week following the public examinations in the summer of Year 11 is put in place. Students are given guidance on the writing of letters of application and then apply to a prospective work experience employer. Further research into gap years, choice of A levels and University choice is undertaken.

Careers guidance in the Sixth Form is given by the Head of Sixth Form, Sixth Form Tutors and Head of Careers. Students in Sixth Form are encouraged to consider voluntary work to help broaden their experience, research potential career choices and develop interview skills. Individual careers interviews from an ISCO representative will be undertaken in March and ISCO careers experiences courses are offered. All Lower Sixth will visit the UCAS Convention in Birmingham. UCAS introduction and application procedures take place and training on writing personal statements is given. There are presentations from outside speakers and information on Oxbridge courses as well as interviews with the tutor team to discuss Higher Educational/post A level plans.