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AS and A2 courses require students to study intensively over the two year period of the Sixth Form as competition for places at well respected universities is fierce. One grade in one subject is often the deciding factor in achieving entry to a student’s first choice of a university course.

High quality Careers and Higher Education guidance is provided. Interviews and presentations can be daunting and practice of techniques is important . Students are given one to one support for their UCAS applications by their teaching staff, together with individual advice on personal statements and choice of universities.

It is the aim for all students is to have their applications completed and ready to be sent by half term of the Autumn Term of the Upper Sixth to enable them to secure offers at the top universities. At each stage of the process thereafter there is regular communication between teaching staff and the student to assess their progress towards their predicted grades so that an informed and up to date decision can be made on their final choice of university offers.

Our Upper Sixth leavers go on to universities of their choice; a wide range of courses are chosen and typically range from Archaeology, Business Management, Geography, Mechanical Engineering to Pharmacy, Medicine and Psychology.

For support with university applications please explore the link below:

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