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You can call me.. Al (Aluminium)

Today saw our second day of celebrating British Science Week at Saint Martin’s, looking at the properties of Aluminium, talking about how it is sourced, how it reacts, it’s uses and of course how important it is to recycle, recycle, recycle!

The science department led a lunchtime activity that explored the thermite reaction, an exothermic reaction that gives out a large amount of heat and bright light.

In this experiment we saw how Aluminium powder reacts with Iron Oxide; it is a metal displacement reaction showing that Aluminium is more reactive than Iron, the Aluminium displaces the Iron and forms Aluminium Oxide.  So much heat is given out that the quenching water boils and the molten Iron drips into the water, cools rapidly and bubbles as it forms.

Once we understood this process we set upon a creative challenge, who could make a 3D model out of this versatile malleable metal – Aluminium foil.

Girls were given a small A4 sized sheet and told of the challenge ahead.

The remit was to make a horse or an aeroplane but the creative prowess took hold and behold, a whole menagerie was delivered…

Well done girls, the sloth on the branch, prowling jaguar and giant sea turtle took the judges first place and highly commended awards.