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Year 7 trip to Bath

We had an excellent time in Bath, it was very educational, and we learnt lots of fun facts such as the Romans used hollow bricks under the floors in their baths! This allowed the baths to be heated as the warm air would circulate through the bricks. This was called the Hypocaust! We also had the opportunity to walk through Bath admiring the Georgian architecture and we took a group photo outside of the Royal Crescent. On Thursday evening, we all worked in teams to create an architectural building inspired by what we saw that day. It was all about having fun and working as a team, rather than the appearance of your building. On Friday we went to Chedworth Roman villa which was great fun because we dressed up as slaves and made medicine bags. We learnt about how the Romans dealt with sickness and found out that they used quite vigorous techniques! The whole trip was amazing and we made lots of friends and we came away with big brains full of knowledge!

By Year 7