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Year 7 Music Christmas Workshop


This week the girls where fortunate to take part in a wonderful Christmas singing workshop.  A very special visitor, Kevin Stannard, Music lecturer from Wolverhampton University led the girls in the workshops to prepare them for next week’s activities, namely the Carol service and junior school concert. Girls were performing songs that Kevin has edited and had published. He has written 3 books of singing material for use in junior and secondary schools.

Year 5 also came to a workshop and were performing a song that he had written – Camel Train.

The pictures here show the enthusiasm shown by the girls, it was amazing to hear and fabulous to see them enjoying this special opportunity.

Mr Allen and Mr Stannard have known each other for a long time and their paths of music and teaching have brought them back together, they too shared musical services and concerts as they were in the same class together at school in West Sussex.

Saint Martin’s are very grateful for Kevin’s support and time and wish his festive good wishes.