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Year 12 Residential Geography Trip to Slapton

Year 12 geographers recently went on a 4-day residential visit to Devon, where they studied a combination of human and physical geography, and battled the extremes of British weather, ranging from storms to sunburn! On the first day, girls travelled to Start Point, looking at how past weathering and erosion have shaped current landscapes. On Saturday, girls visited Totnes, a Transition Town specialising in celebrating what local people and businesses can provide; girls were able to investigate the economy of the area, as well as enjoying some ‘local’ retail therapy. This was followed by a day at the seaside on Sunday, where a 6 mile coastal walk showcased to girls the importance of human intervention on the coast, evaluating the effects of management techniques, as well as enjoying the sunshine with an ice cream. Finally, on the last day girls were able to investigate the hydrology of the area, using fieldwork techniques to explore how land use and geology can impact the water cycle in the local drainage basin.