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Swan Lake Workshop with New Adventures

The girls started the day participating in a mental and physical warm up, followed by technique building tasks in a contemporary style. After a quick break the girls swiftly moved on to learning professional repertoire from Swan Lake, which was challenging, but also thrilling to see the professionals in action.

Whilst the day was technically demanding they also focused upon the iconic physical interpretation of the Swan’s in Swan Lake which allowed expression, focus and character to come through in their performances; which the girls enjoyed.

After lunch the girls took part in exploratory tasks titled ‘swanning up’ and ‘flocking’ in order to then have a go at creating their own choreography before ending the day with a performance.

The girls have worked extremely hard all day and will no doubt need lots of food, water and a good shower when they get home. The New Adventures company have been wonderful leading the workshop today and hopefully we can look forward to more opportunities like this in the future.