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SMILE! Interest..notice things..

Today’s activities for Wellbeing Week were arranged around the letter I. Interest… notice things…

During PSHCEE this morning girls across school shared what they liked and appreciate. Giving them time to reflect on all the good things they have around them. These ranged from new sheets on their bed, their favourite food or their best friend. At lunch time the girls enjoyed a variety of art and craft events, including Pom Pom making. The staff enjoyed a session of hand reflexology, which may be necessary as the Staff Table Tennis tournament is well and truly hotting up!


School Calendar

  • 26 Apr
    History GCSE Revision Day
  • 30 Apr
    Summer Term Begins
  • 30 Apr
    Year 7 and 8 Junior Maths Challenge
  • 1 May
    Year 7 Progress Evening
  • 3 May
    Year 9 and 10 – Big Brum Theatre Production of Jekyll and Hyde