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Periodic Table – BiNgO


What a fantastic day in British Science Week for Saint Martin’s, today’s lunchtime celebratory activities centered around amazing cakes and fun Bingo!

Firstly, girls got to sample the fabulously baked periodic table.  The Catering Team excelled themselves in this culinary delight, every element represented and carefully assembled.

The periodic table was then celebrated further with a fun filled game or two of bingo.  Girls and staff alike joined in the spirit of this light-hearted game.  Each call of a line or house was managed and assessed carefully by our impartial adjudicators (The Science Department) and prizes were awarded for those successful participants.  With the spin of the electronic wheel, elements were called out and marked off.  Entertainment, laughter and fun sized treats prevailed as the competition got going. Girls applauded for each other and everyone seemed to celebrate the tabular display of the chemical elements, which are arranged by atomic number, electron configuration, and recurring chemical properties, without even noticing it was science!