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Armistice 100 Schools Poetry Competition

We are delighted to share Lola Bowron’s poem which has been shortlisted for the Armistice 100 Schools Poetry Competition. Lola is invited to the awards ceremony at the University of Lincoln when Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy will announce the competition winners.




Among the Rows of Thousands


Somewhere, among the rows of thousands,

You float in the scarlet sea.

The rain comes down like a widow’s tear,

The very rain that washed away our sweat,

Our blood and our fear.


The wind blows in a melancholy melody,

The days grow long, the sun disappeared,

Hope is blooming like a bud in the spring.

Much has changed since we were young.


Fields that were once men’s deathbeds

Have long been neglected.

The rattle of guns like a baby’s toy,

The whine of shells and

Thunderous bombs,

Have all been carelessly cast aside.


Echoes of agonising cries ring in my ear,

The panic, the terror,

My heart skipped a beat

As I ran among the rows of thousands.

If only you could’ve seen

The light at the end of the tunnel,

If I didn’t let go of your hand,

Would we still be holding onto each other?


Somewhere along the row of thousands,

You lie, in and around the pungent poppies.

I’m not sure where,

Maybe at the end, maybe in the corner,

But all I know is that the people do not care.


Lola Bowron

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    Year 7 Progress Evening
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