Girls' Voice

Year 4 Sleepover 2014


Year 4 were very excited when they arrived at school on Friday 7 March – the day of their sleepover had finally arrived!

After school we changed into our own casual clothes and went outside for a playtime.  Then followed a whole mixture of exciting activities – there was a circus skills session in which we all ‘had a go’ at learning many new skills.  We were also able to try out all the equipment that The Fool Monty had brought with him.  This was a fantastic experience and we all learned a lot and had great fun.  This was followed by tea. Then we split into two groups – one group had a drumming session while the other group made cakes.  We swapped over later in the evening so we had all had a go at both activities. 

Later we went to the SMArt centre to watch the DVD of Danny, Champion of the World and eat sweets. Later in the evening, we had hot chocolate and a biscuit while listening to bedtime stories.  We then cleaned our teeth and the teachers told us it was bedtime.  It was only 10.20!  We went to bed but many of us took a while to settle ……. but eventually we went to sleep.

In the morning we got up early, had a wash and got dressed, then tidied up our beds.  Next we went upstairs to have breakfast.  We could choose whatever we liked which was great fun.  Then we took part in a craft activity and iced our cakes.  We then went outside for a playtime while the teachers finished tidying up.  While we were outside, Mrs Carwithen came to visit us.  Then our parents came to collect us.

We had thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and had a great time!  Thank you very much to all of the teachers who helped.

Year 4

“The Year 4 sleepover was great.  The circus skills built up my confidence and the cooking was good for working together.” Paige

“The Year 4 sleepover was awesome.  It was great to spend time with your friends all at once. It was the best time of my life.” Erin

“I thought the Year 4 sleepover was brilliant.  I loved the circus skills man and the tea was delicious.  I think this is the best sleepover I have had yet!” Ryia

“I really enjoyed the sleepover.  My favourite part was learning all the different circus skills.” Kaitlin

“I loved the Year 4 sleepover especially making the cakes and decorating them.”  Kanchen

“I really enjoyed the Year 4 sleepover. The circus skills were the best and the cake making was great fun working together.  I wish we could do it again!”  Annika