Girls' Voice

Year 4 Sleepover

After a normal day at school we changed into our own clothes and had a drink and a chocolate biscuit in readiness for our sleepover.  Ahead of us was a whole evening of exciting activities. First we enjoyed a circus skills session where we had a go at learning many new skills.  We were able to try out all the equipment that Leanne, a jester, had brought with her.  This was a fantastic experience and great fun!  Miss Edgar joined us for a while and she enjoyed it too.

Our circus skills were followed by tea, which we had to make ourselves. We had chosen our pizza toppings earlier in the week and now we had the opportunity to create our own pizza – it was delicious! We then took part in a singing activity and a craft activity, both of which we thoroughly enjoyed.

Later in the evening, we set up our beds and then watched the DVD of “Danny, Champion of the World” with the help of some sweets. We then cleaned our teeth and the teachers told us it was bedtime.  It was only 10.30!  We went to bed but many of us took a while to settle …. eventually we went to sleep.

In the morning we washed and dressed, then tidied up our beds.  Next we had breakfast and we could choose whatever we liked which was great fun.  There was just time to finish our craft activity, the sleepover had flown by!

We had such fun!  Thank you very much to all the teachers who helped.

“I really enjoyed the pizza making and the circus skills. I learned how to spin plates and ride a small bike.”  Katie
“I loved the circus skills, especially when I did the tight rope and I loved making pizzas. I had the best time of my life.”  Isobel
“I especially loved making the pizzas with all the toppings to choose from.”  Anna
“I loved all of the sleepover but my favourite part was the circus skills because I learnt how to ride a mini bike.”  Maya

Year 4