Girls' Voice

Year 4 Anglo-Saxons Priory House Visit

Year 4 were thoroughly looking forward to their visit to Priory House to study the Anglo-Saxons.

On arrival we were introduced to our teacher, Jane.  We listened to a very interesting introduction and answered many different questions.  Jane was surprised at how much we knew but we also learnt a lot too!  We then took part in many different activities.  We became archaeologists and dug up an Anglo-Saxon pot.  We had to try to put it together – it was a bit like doing a jigsaw but with some of the pieces missing!


Next Mrs Hall, Rupert, Martha and Phoebe were dressed up as an Anglo-Saxon family.  Then we had a break for lunch.

During this time the sun was shining and so we had a picnic and a quick run around the park.  In the afternoon the exciting activities continued with writing our name in runes using a quill dipped in ink, making an Anglo-Saxon brooch and deciding what would survive and what would decompose in a burial site. The day finished much as an Anglo-Saxon day would have done with a story about Beowulf around the campfire. We returned to school talking excitedly all the way back. What a lovely, informative day!

“I really enjoyed all the activities, especially being an archaeologist and digging up artefacts. Also, it was lovely hearing the story of Beowolf.” Phoebe

“I really loved the visit to Priory House, especially making the brooches.”  Lottie

“I really enjoyed the visit to Priory House. My favourite part was making the brooches and listening to Rupert read the story of Beowolf.  I hope we can go again.” Zahraa

“I really enjoyed the visit to Priory House. I loved writing my name in runes and I also enjoyed working out the answer to the riddle.” Giorgia

“I loved writing with the quill and snuggling up near the campfire listening to the story of Beowolf.”  Zara

Year 4