Girls' Voice

“Skellig” performed by Year 6


Girls in Year 6 had a busy week last week rehearsing for their performance of “Skellig”, a play based on the novel by David Almond. Their hard work culminated in two performances on Tuesday, an afternoon and an evening show, in the SMArt centre.



The girls commented on their experience:

“Skellig was an amazing experience for acting and it was really ambitious to learn our lines as we had so many. Miss Walker was an excellent director and was great fun to work with. We all worked hard as a team to make the play look brilliant and we were all sad when it was over. We are grateful to the girls who helped out with the lighting and sound effects in Sixth form. I wish we could do it all over again.” Georgia Jones (Mina)

“Skellig was a real team effort showing spirit and we thoroughly enjoyed reading the story. We all played our parts really well and if we were asked to do it again, we definitely would.” Orlaith Fisher (Rasputin and narrator)

“Skellig was an amazing experience for everyone; I cannot wait to see what play we are going to do in the Senior School. All that practice finally paid off!!” Mira Higgins (Michael’s Dad)

“I really loved doing Skellig because we spent lots of time making sure that every detail was perfect and that everyone was on stage all of the time. My favourite scene was in the school when Coot had to get up and have the heart put in front of him.” Millie Harper (Estate Agent, Lucy Carr and narrator)

“Skellig was a great experience because we all improved our acting and teamwork skills. Miss Walker was a great director and we all loved working with her. Many of us were sad that the experience was over as it was our last play in the Junior School altogether as a class. “ Izzy Willman (Old woman and narrator)