Girls' Voice

Sixth Form Bushcraft Adventure


Girls from the Lower and Upper Sixth spent 24 hours on a team building exercise at the start of term.

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When a small group of us went star gazing at night and lay in a field hearing stories that the red Indians told, I truly felt as if I had been removed from modern times and taken back to a time when this was normal. It was magical and a perfect end to the summer holidays

Ellie B and Lucy R

The highlight of the trip was definitely the game ‘Catch the Lantern’. It was amazing fun to play the game in the dark woods whilst aiming to be as stealthy as possible. It won’t be something we’ll forget soon.

 Katy B and Maria

We found Bushcraft very helpful in building relationships with the Lower Sixth. I particularly enjoyed the fun games and building shelters, although we couldn’t bring ourselves to sleep in it!

Lucy F and Shelby

It was a really good chance to bond with the Upper Sixth in a fun but challenging environment.The tribe leaders were hilarious and made the experience even more memorable.

 Morgan and Betsy

I loved the food and the activities especially the traps and playing games in the forest. It was also an adventure sleeping outside


The best part of Bushcraft was star gazing at night. It was a really clear night which we don’t often see in Solihull and we were lucky enough to see a shooting star!

 Kinza and Lucy G

We enjoyed sleeping in our shelters which we made out of tarp and sticks as part of a team building activity. Making fires and  preparing our own food was also a wonderful experience.

 Rosie and Naz

Building the fires really enhanced my experience of surviving in the wild. Being with both year groups gave everyone a chance to get to know each other.

 Phoebe and Hattie