Girls' Voice

School Archives and Malvern Hall Cellars

Last week a few girls from the Senior School spent time learning about the history of Malvern Hall and Saint Martin’s School. They were able to have a tour of the cellars and enjoyed exploring this part of Malvern Hall. The girls have helped to start catalogue the School Archive which goes back to 1941. Jess and Shona also curated a collection of some of the old School Badges they found.



Here are their reports of the cellar tour:


In the cellars it was very dark which meant we had to bring torches , this is because the grass and the earth have grown which then have covered most of the windows . It also was quite tight for air in some places.

When we came down the stairs into the cellar you could feel an immediate change in temperature. This was because we were underground. We could also see where the coal shute was. In the olden days the servants would have collected the coal from the shute to make a lovely warm fire for their master and mistress.

We also learnt that the owners were very, very wealthy and owned lots of land. To show off their wealth they had peacocks and a French Chef. This really shows that they had the best food, clothes and wealth.

We also found the room where they kept all the boilers. At that time they were obviously used to keep the big grand house warm. I thought the corridor was very wide. I think about 3 metres. One of the last rooms we looked at had a delicate window above the door and beautiful craft work around the doors edge.

Jessica,Year 7


The cellars were quite dark as they were built a long time ago. The owners would let the servants live in the cellar and at that time there wasn’t any electricity so they used a candle to find their way around. It would be quite cold since we were underground and there were no heaters. The owners were very wealthy as they owned quite a lot of land in that area and some in other towns as well.

The first room we visited was the room with the boiler although when the house was first built it was not there. There were also ladders and a door there so we think that is where some deliveries came through. Compared to the stairs when you first walk through the door, the corridor was quite large.

Anusha, Year 8