Girls' Voice

PGL – A poem







After a long journey, we were there,

Unpacking our things was a nightmare.

First thing we went on was a zip wire,

Flying through the wind higher and higher.

Next, was aeroball, bouncing up and down,

Throwing balls, gaining points, falling like a clown.

Relaxing at dinner was a treat,

But soon we were back on our feet.

We went to our rooms to unpack some more,

Laughing and laughing until our sides were sore.

We had a story and sang some songs,

And we went to sleep but not for long.

The next day was fun,

We went abseiling in the sun,

Then raft building which was very cold,

Next the giant swing, you had to be bold.

Later, a challenge course and a campfire,

We were singing songs just like a choir.

We went back inside and went to bed,

We had a very long day ahead.

The next day was trapeze and quad biking,

We screamed and shouted just like a Viking!

Sadly, we left, packed up on the bus,

We didn’t want to leave but we didn’t make a fuss.

All the parents wanted us to tell,

Everything that we had done at PGL.

Although there were lots of things to be said,

All we now wanted was our comfy bed!

 Isabel Higgins, Year 5