Girls' Voice

Farewell from Abbey Rogers, Head Girl 2012 – 2013

There is something really unique about Saint Martin’s. It’s small, and that has enabled us to know everybody, including teachers, individually. It’s cheesy, but our year group and the school itself has been like family to us.

We started off as kids with no direction, yearning to be princesses or ballerinas. And now we’re off, studying medicine or history or psychology to name but a few, with the motivation and ambition to achieve. We’ve come so far, the school having shaped us to who we are now.

Whatever happens in August, we can all rest assured with the knowledge that our school lives were quite unlike those of other people, and in my opinion, for all the right reasons.

Abbey Rogers, Head Girl 2012-2013

Abbey Rogers (centre), pictured with Deputy Head Girls Krittika Sharma (left) and Emily Bridges (right)