Girls' Voice

Compton Verney Visit

Girls in Years 1 and 2 spent a day building dens and shelters. Here’s what Year 2 said about the day:

“We built dens and we decorated them. I made a crown of leaves for Mrs Pimlott. We all got to go in a hollow oak tree, inside there was a fungus called chicken of the forest. It looked a bit like cauliflower. The reason the oak tree was hollow was because it had been hit by lightning.”

“I was very excited about what it would be like at Compton Verney. We were sorted into groups, I was in the Den Building Dynamos. We had to make dens, all of them were amazing. We all enjoyed it!”

“We found sticks as tall as a giant, feathers as fluffy as a pussy cat. After we built a den and Vix watered us inside to see if our shelter was waterproof.”

“We built shelters and we had names for our groups. We learnt how to tell how tall a tree is by looking through our legs. We got to crawl through a hollow oak tree.”

“Yesterday on our trip we got to build shelters. We got to go inside a tree that was hit by lightning. There was a tree called the ‘London Plane’. Half the trees in London are this type of tree.”

“I couldn’t wait to get off the big bus. We went into the forest to build super shelters. My group was called Ace Makers and we made a double den. One side was where you ate and one was where you sleep.”

“Vix’s favourite tree was the London Plane. The tree that was hit by lightning was still alive but was hollow. When I looked up in the hollow tree I saw chicken of the forest.”

“When we went to our Forest School trip we made dens. When they were finished they looked amazing. It was a lovely trip. It started to rain when we had our picnic lunch but when we got inside it stopped!”

“Yesterday we were given a tour of the Forest at Compton Verney. We all built a den for shelter. When we came back we had ice lollies.”

“Compton Verney was amazing. We could build a den, it was great fun. I wish I could go every day.”

“Year 1 and Year 2 went to the Forest at Compton Verney. I really enjoyed it when we went inside an Oak Tree. We ran through a tunnel made of willow, I really liked that too.”

“At Compton Verney my favourite part was building the dens. We saw a London Plane tree that has seeds like baubles.”

“We got there and we met Vix. We made a den. I was in the Fierce Field group. It rained when it was supposed to be a sunny day!”

“We built shelters for ourselves. We went inside a tree. We went on a bridge and Vix teased us there was a troll. We tried to wake him up. We were glad we went to Compton Verney.”

“In Compton Verney we were shown all around. We went to build dens. I was in the group Powerful Pimlotts. I loved yesterday when we went inside the tree. I can’t wait to maybe go again.”

“At Compton Verney we made lots of different shelters. We visited the Willow tunnels made out of living trees. We made a shelter at the end that could fit 38 girls in!! Finally we went back to school.”

“On our school trip yesterday I was building a den called the Secret Seven. In our den was 4 CCTV cameras, 3 pairs of binoculars and 2 fires -1 in and 1 out! When we were having lunch it rained!”

“I enjoyed going to Compton Verney because I enjoyed making dens and naming our group. We found out about a new tree called a London Plane and we got to stomp on the bridge. After lunch we pushed a huge sculpture and we got to go in the willow tunnels.”