Girls' Voice

Charity Fundraising for Beat

Girls in the Sixth Form and Senior School took part in the “Sock it to Eating Disorders” campaign by paying £1 to wear a pair of odd socks in addition to their normal uniform. The excitement then continued into lunchtime when the girls had the opportunity to throw some shaving foam “pies” at 12 of their willing – and very courageous – teachers. Pies were thrown all through lunch and, whilst some teachers escaped with only a small coating of shaving foam, others were almost unrecognisable by the end! From the pie throwing alone, £214.40 was raised and a total of £326.61 will be given to the charity Beat.

Beat support anyone with an eating disorder as well as their friends and family. All the money raised will go into improving the youth and adult help lines and support groups they run, as well as improving funding for carers and better campaigning to increase the understanding of eating disorders in workplaces and in schools. They will also work to improve the funding and treatment for eating disorders in the health service. A huge thank you to all the teachers who took part and to all the girls!

Elizabeth O’Connor, Sixth Form