Girls' Voice

KS3 Prize Giving CREST Speech

I now see Science in a new light!

For our CREST project Minelle and I decided to investigate the artificial and natural e-numbers in sweets. We chose to experiment on Skittles as many people enjoy them and they include colourings which don’t seem to be coming from a natural source.   

The first part of our project was to research what e-numbers actually are as this was a fresh topic to us; which e-numbers are found in Skittles and their possible side effect. We also had to find a method to suit our experiment. The technique we found was chromatography: Minelle and I had never performed such advanced colour separation, so it was an exciting challenge.

As part of our research, we also decided to contact Wrigley’s, the company which manufactures Skittles, asking them to tell us about the e-numbers present in the sweets. We were very fortunate to get a reply back.  Using the information provided by the manufacturer and our experiment results we learnt that Skittles contain 5 colourings – 3 natural and 2 artificial.

In our research we read that many e-numbers can have harmful side effects; the most common is Attention Deficit Disorder which makes children easily distracted. What we have discovered has been very interesting and we’re hoping to take things further when we go on to the Silver Award in Year 10.

This year I have definitely found Science motivating. I’ve developed my research skills and can see Science playing a part in my future.

Mashal Qureshi, Year 9