If you are a former pupil of Saint Martin’s or were a member of staff we are pleased that you have found this page on our website.

Our aim is to keep in touch with those who have been part of the School’s community since the foundation of the School, whether that was when the School’s premises were on Station Road and Homer Road or now at Malvern Hall. You may have been a member of the School’s community for a short time or for all of your school days – the special ethos of Saint Martin’s is part of all who have been associated with the School.

The OGA currently has over 1100 members and a large proportion, but by no means all, are contactable by email. All existing contact details are now held by the School.

We also hold contact details of former staff and friends of Saint Martin’s who wish to keep in contact with the School.

Once the GDPR regulations come in to effect in May 2018, we will not be able to contact you unless you provide your details for us again. If you would like to be part of the new alumnae database then please submit your contact details via our Alumnae Contact Details page and we will add you to our database.

We are hoping to relaunch the Old Girls’ Association over the next couple of years, but we need to hold a good contact database in order to do this. Please remind any friends that you are still in contact with to update their details too!

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