Support for the Individual

All our girls are valued and known as individuals. All staff give generously of their time and energy to give support to the girls both in and out of the classroom. Communication with parents is a high priority and contact is very much encouraged, in addition to a regular programme of parent evenings and formal reporting.


“A strong sense of support, guidance and mutual respect pervades the school. In accordance with its aim to support every girl as an individual.”

ISI Inspection Report

Form tutors play a pivotal role in this part of the School and the Personal Social Health Education (PSHE) programme is delivered by them, supported by visiting speakers. It seeks to equip girls with the skills they need in the School community and prepares them for the world of work and life beyond school. Self-confidence and service are encouraged as the girls become involved with School Council, form assemblies and charity fundraising events. Some aspects of the programme are delivered in other subjects such as Biology.

In Year 7 girls look at learning styles and revision techniques. They also discuss topics such as friendship and bullying and meet key people in the school community. Year 8 builds on these topics and explores issues such as peer pressure, alcohol awareness and first aid. In Year 9 time management is an important topic; illegal drugs and sexual health are also discussed.

Study skills for GCSEs form an important part of the PSHE Programme in Year 10. Issues of personal safety, parties and expectations, sexual and mental health are some of the issues explored. Preparing for a formal Ball must be a unique feature of our Year 11 programme and this is balanced by a visit to the Magistrates Courts and an introduction to UK Institutions of Governance. Parenthood, women’s health, bereavement and broken relationships are also explored.



Year 7 - 11 Calendar

  • 17 Dec
    Art GCSE Coursework Deadline
  • 18 Jan
    Elevate Study Skills
  • 29 Jan
    Form Photographs – Senior School & Sixth Form
  • 31 Jan
    Year 8 Progress Evening
  • 5 Feb
    Year 10 Progress Evening