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School Fees – How to Plan Ahead for Your Child’s Private Education

Footing the bill for your child’s nursery, primary and secondary education is one of the most important investments any parent can make. Whilst private education doesn’t come cheap, there are countless benefits that make enrolling your child into an independent school great value.

The benefits of private education

As a leading independent girls’ school, Solihull-based Saint Martin’s offers a wide range of facilities and high academic results for its pupils. In addition to delivering a first class education, Saint Martin’s School provides a broad range of extra-curricular opportunities to ensure its pupils develop both inside and outside of the classroom.

School fees at Saint Martin’s School

From Reception and Years 1 to 2 right up to Senior School (which includes the school’s outstanding Sixth Form), Saint Martin’s school fees are priced per term. There are three terms per year and in addition to termly tuition fees, an agreement fee is payable on acceptance of a place. This agreement fee, which is priced at £300, will then be refunded at the end of your child’s last term.

Those looking to enrol their child into Saint Martin’s Nursery School can take advantage of a more flexible arrangement. Fees are charged on a daily or per session basis, and you can choose for your child to attend for a full day or for the early morning, late morning or afternoon sessions.

There is also a registration fee of £50, which includes the cost of the entrance examination.

What help is available?

According to the Independent Schools Council, over a third of pupils in private education supplement the cost of tuition fees by applying for scholarships and bursaries.

Saint Martin’s Nursery School provides a range of free sessions for eligible pupils aged between three- and four-years-old. The cost of the sessions is then claimed from Solihull Council. Fee assistance is also available based on your financial background, this does involve means testing which is reviewed on an annual basis.

Whilst the financial assessment criteria is not disclosed, parents with a joint income of more than £35,000 per annum are unlikely to be eligible.

Academic, Music, Performing Arts and Sports Scholarships are offered to pupils entering Year 7 and Sixth Form Scholarships are also available.

Planning ahead for private education

In addition to accessing any bursaries and support schemes that you may be eligible for, there are various steps that any parent can take to plan ahead for private education. Investing in a fund is just one route to covering the cost of school fees.

Known as school fee plans, these funds can be contributed to on a monthly basis from when your child is born. Over the course of a decade the interest accumulated can cover a significant part of the cost of private education. When investing into any school fee plan it is important to seek advice from an independent financial advisor, as whilst some form of protection is provided there is no guarantee of how much you will get back from the scheme.

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