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Why Choose a Private School for Your Child’s Primary or Secondary Education?

As you will have experienced, primary and secondary education can have life changing implications that send ripples through the rest of your life, so getting it right first time really matters. As a leading private school for girls, Saint Martin’s School offers a range of outstanding facilities to deliver the very best education from Nursery to Sixth Form. But why should you choose private education for your child?

Here we take a closer look at the benefits of going private with your primary and secondary schools…

Expect excellence through education

Many private schools are known for their high academic results, and by setting these high standards across all years, parents, children and teachers expect excellence. The unique learning environment, which concentrates on individual learning programmes rather than class-wide syllabuses, means that excellence in education is made possible as more time is spent working one-on-one with each pupil to achieve the desired results.

According to a recent study by the Department for Education and Skills (DfES), pupils at all levels and of all abilities tend to do better in private schools, with more than 80% of pupils in private education achieving five or more GCSE passes at grade A to C. This statistic is compared with the national average of just 49%.

Embrace the strength of the private sector

The sheer number of educational options available throughout the private sector can make picking one school for your child difficult. The private sector offers a choice of settings to suit your child’s ability, whilst the range of girls, boys and co-education schools can also make being decisive even more challenging.

The sheer range of options available means that those of all abilities and from all backgrounds can find the right educational establishment for them. Due to its increasing popularity, private education is no longer just reserved for the upper class, which has injected much diversity into the classroom to create a unique cultural environment.

Great for families from overseas

The prospect of moving to the UK from your home country can be particularly daunting, and when entering the country, it may become apparent that you have decisions to make about what is best for your child’s education. Many private schools provide help and support for children whose first language is not English. These special arrangements and tuition may not be available at state schools.

In addition to this, guardianship arrangements can also be made for those that are still based outside of the country but wish for their child to be educated in the UK.

More than just the traditional

The higher levels of investment available throughout the private education sector mean that schools will profit from improved facilities. Having access to such facilities ensures pupils can benefit from an increased amount of opportunities, particularly when it comes to extra-curricular activities.

Whilst private education may come at a price, the value offered by this modern mix of traditional education and extra-curricular opportunities makes private school particularly good value for pupils of all ages.

For further information on the benefits of an education at Saint Martin’s, contact us today on 0121 705 1265.

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