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Year 9 Geography Fieldwork


Geographers from Year 9 visited Stratford Upon Avon to find out if tourism really is of benefit to the area.

The girls planned their own fieldwork timetable and worked independently in groups during the day to investigate the impact of tourism. Visiting as Geographers, not tourists, helped them see the town through different eyes and they made some interesting discoveries about how tourism can be both a benefit and a disadvantage. The girls were excellent ambassadors for the School and discovered all sorts of new things about themselves as learners.

“There’s a lot more to tourism than I thought …”  Ana

“I enjoyed being independent and deciding how to use our time during the day.” Lucie

“I can read maps if I concentrate!” Issy

“I found it really interesting finding out different people’s opinions.” Imogen

“Tourism affects a lot more things than you think it does.” Niamh

“I enjoyed interviewing people because it gave me confidence.” Olivia

 “I’m a lot better at Geography than I thought I was…” Neha

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