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Year 7 visit to Roman Bath

Year 7 spent an enjoyable 2 days visiting Bath and Chedworth Roman Villa as part of their studies. The girls arrived in Bath and after unpacking at their overnight accommodation they followed an audio-guided tour of Roman Bath. In the evening there were activities based on Roman engineering which included problem solving, teamwork and communication skills.

The next day the group departed for Cirencester where they visited the Corinium Museum. After lunch the girls travelled to Chedworth Roman villa where they explored the site in detail.

Here’s what the girls said about the trip ….

Yasmin “I loved the Roman Villa! The mosaics were wonderful.”

Zaynabh “It was great to make new friends and learn different things along the way. It was a great adventure and the teachers were wonderful.”

Shiuli “It was fun to see what people were like away from home and school! It was a great bonding time with lots to learn, an enjoyable trip!”

Anna “The whole trip was really fun and a great experience. I now know that I can stay away overnight from home. “

Amelia “Interesting history. Lots of fun with friends and I made lots of new friends. Lovely scenery at all of the places.”

Ruby “I learnt to think for myself.”

Izzy “The trip was educational, one of my highlights was visiting Corinium Museum. I’ve learnt that I can stay away from home!”

Katy “I absolutely loved it. I enjoyed all of the activities and I would like to go again. I also made new friends.”

Orlaith “I loved being together as a whole year.”

Mira “The two days we were away were probably the best trip of the year so far. It was such good fun and amazing!”



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