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Year 7 visit Hampton-in-Arden Arboretum


Girls in Year 7 visited the local spinney and arboretum in Hampton-in-Arden to identify the wide diversity of non-native trees there. They also looked at the importance of the mature hedgerows bordering the arboretum and noted the abundance of sloes, hawthorn berries and rose hips.

The girls heard the birdsong of two robins, and a great tit high up in the canopy of the birches, sycamores, ash and horse chestnut trees. They saw an amazing array of fungi and insects on the nettles and blackberry bushes. During the morning they had a small break by a fine specimen of a beech tree and wondered whether this was a remnant of the Forest of Arden.

The visit was made possible through the support of the George Fentham Trust and the expertise and knowledge of Mrs Worthington, a resident of Hampton.  Mrs Worthington has been involved in the conservation management of the spinney and the planting of a wild meadow close by and was actively involved in the setting up of the arboretum which was planted in 2010 with mainly non-native trees.

Mrs Worthington was impressed with the level of engagement of the girls and said it was good to work with young lively minds.

Several girls commented “I didn’t know that there was an arboretum in Hampton-in-Arden.

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