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Year 7 study Urban Regeneration

Year 7 had a fantastic time in Birmingham this week investigating urban regeneration as part of their Geography studies. They worked in groups of 4 developing new data collection skills. Particular highlights were asking questionnaires to members of the public, being trusted to do the work themselves, and learning just how much the area around Brindley Place has changed in the last 20 years. They also enjoyed eating lunch in the Library and travelling on the train. Well done girls – you did yourselves, and Saint Martin’s, proud.

School Calendar

  • 2 Apr
    D of E Gold Expedition Training departs
  • 4 Apr
    D of E Gold Expedition Training returns
  • 16 Apr
    D of E Silver Navigation Exercise
  • 17 Apr
    Summer Term begins
  • 18 Apr
    Year 5 & Year 6 – PGL, Winmarleigh Hall departs