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Year 7 Urban Studies in Birmingham


Year 7 Geographers visited Birmingham city centre to look at urban zones and urban regeneration. They learnt how to collect data using new techniques and soon became used to looking critically at an environment that they thought they knew.

The girls spent a productive day and saw central Birmingham at its best in cold but sunny conditions. Their observation skills were tested as they watched how people were using locations such as Victoria Square and Brindley Place and as they studied land use and urban change. The girls worked really hard and were a credit to the school – well done all.

 “I enjoyed going to see the new Library”  Zoya

“I really enjoyed asking questions to the public; it was really interesting to hear different opinions”  Madeeha

“The best bit was when we saw Victoria Square because of the architecture” Amber

“I learnt that places change a lot over time”. Eleanor

School Calendar

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