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Year 4 visit to Priory House


Year 4 visited Priory House (St John’s Museum) in Warwick to enhance their knowledge of Anglo-Saxon Britain.

On arrival they were introduced to their teacher, Jane.  The girls listened to a very interesting introduction and answered questions.  Jane was surprised at how much they knew!  They then took part in many different activities.  First the girls became archaeologists and dug up an Anglo-Saxon pot that they had to try to put together again – it was a bit like doing a jigsaw but with some of the pieces missing!  Next Mrs Griffiths and Mr Knoss, plus Kanchen and Mia, were dressed up as an Anglo-Saxon family. 

At lunchtime the sun was shining and the girls had a quick run around the park.  In the afternoon the exciting activities continued with deciding what would survive and what would decompose in a burial site, writing their name in runes using a quill dipped in ink and making an Anglo-Saxon brooch. The day finished much as an Anglo-Saxon day would have done with a story about Beowulf around the fire (albeit a pretend fire!). Tired, but happy, the girls said their thankyous and goodbyes and returned to school, talking excitedly all the way back. What a lovely, informative day!

“My favourite part was making the Anglo-Saxon brooches with the model magic!” Katy

“I enjoyed it when my Dad was dressed up as an Anglo-Saxon.” Pia

“I enjoyed the art and craft activities and especially the writing with the quill pen.” Ryia

“I enjoyed listening to the story of Beowulf.” Anna

“My favourite part of the day was using the quills and writing on the parchment in runes.” Kaitlin

“I liked the dressing up and finding out about what they wore.” Paige

“I enjoyed doing the activity when we tried to put the pot together.” Mia





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