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Year 4 Scientists visit Thinktank

Year 4 Scientists spent an exciting day at Thinktank, Birmingham’s Science museum.  The visit consolidated their work on Solids, Liquids and Gases and also introduced the topic of Electricity and Circuits.

The girls took part in a changing materials workshop where they inflated a balloon using the chemical reaction of bicarbonate of soda and vinegar. They then made slime!


“I had a brilliant time in the Science lab, blowing up a balloon without actually blowing into it! It made me feel like a real scientist.”  Evie

During the Electrifying Science Workshop the girls learned about circuits, static electricity, the Van der Graaf generator and the plasma globe. They also made a human circuit and played various games to reinforce the knowledge learned.

“I loved the Electrifying Light Show as there were a lot of interesting things to learn about.”  Lottie

“I loved it when we made a circuit out of people. I also loved making slime, it was epic!”  Martha

The girls also had to time to visit many of the galleries, have lunch and visit the gift shop.


“I had the most amazing time at Thinktank. My favourite part was all of it! I particularly liked making plastic ducks and I loved the electricity show, making slime and the trick with the balloon.”  Giorgia

“Our school trip to Thinktank was amazing! We were able to see an actual steam train and make slime. In the Science lab I felt like Albert Einstein being super smart and in The Past gallery I pretended to be a Victorian.” Phoebe



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