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Year 2 visit Transport Museum


Girls from Year 2 spent the day at Coventry Transport Museum as part of their English, History and Design and Technology studies. The girls began their visit by looking at 4 Victorian bicycles and used their detective skills to put them into the order in which they were made. They drove at 767 mph, breaking the sound barrier in the Thrust Supersonic Car simulator and took part in a Transport timeline experience.

It was a wonderful educational visit for all. The girls didn’t know that so many bicycles, as well as cars, were made in Coventry. They also found cars and bicycles VERY interesting!!

Alana – “I liked going around in groups and being transport detectives.”

Amy“I didn’t want to go in the simulator but it was great fun and it felt like we were going really fast!”

Zhala – “I enjoyed going on the Victorian tricycle and wearing the bonnet.”

Lydia“I liked writing on the clip boards and finding out information about all the different types of vehicles.”


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