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Year 1 visit to Aston Hall


Girls from Year 1 visited Aston Hall as part of their History and English studies. They met Lisa Williamson who told them about the history of Aston Hall and how it had been built for Sir Thomas Holte. 

The girls then explored the house, even the loft where the servants slept, and Lisa explained what various parts of the house were used for. They observed and handled artefacts; swords, kitchen utensils, replica beeswax candles to name a few; which gave the girls an insight to how people lived in such a huge house long ago.

The girls ate lunch in the grounds and as it was such a beautiful day they enjoyed some free time to play before visiting the gift shop to spend their pocket money. They all had a wonderful day!

Izzy “I loved dressing up as Sir Thomas Holte!”

Isabella “I liked the long gallery where we learnt an old fashioned dance.”

Jenna “I liked playing outside in the grounds and having lunch there.”


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