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Starry Night

Girls in Year 3 have been working on a collaborative piece of art this term. They have studied Vincent van Gogh and his masterpiece “Starry Night”. They discussed the brushstrokes van Gogh used as well as the colours and effects.

Each girl was given a section of the painting to reproduce. The individual paintings were then brought together to create Year 3’s version of “Starry Night”. The finished painting is stunning and a credit to every girl who helped create it.

School Calendar

  • 21 Jun
    Year 10 Enrichment – Battlefields trip returns
  • 22 Jun
    D of E Silver Assessed Expedition
  • 26 Jun
    Sixth Form Induction Day (For Year 11)
  • 26 Jun
    Lower Sixth at NEC UCAS Convention
  • 26 Jun
    Lower Sixth Learning Performance Workshop