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Reception visit Conkers


As an introduction to their topic on minibeasts, girls in Reception were delighted to visit Conkers to look at the habitats of these creatures and other small animals. On arrival the girls boarded a small train to take them on their search. They walked through the forest following the trails and saw squirrels, birds and even a special badger hill where the badgers were sleeping.

The girls inspected the different habitats and saw some unique houses on the trees for bats, owls and birds. They really enjoyed searching for minibeasts under the logs and found snails, beetles, ants, worms, centipedes and spiders.

The adventure playground was next to be explored and the girls found lots of exciting things to climb and play on. There were some fantastic slides and even a zip wire. After lunch the girls travelled on the train and had a walk around the lake where they saw geese with their goslings. Reception finished their action packed day with a walk through a magical forest and caught the minibus home, tired but happy having enjoyed a very exciting day out!


Isabella liked all of it.


Noor liked it when we lifted the logs and found some minibeasts.


Evie said “The train was fantastic and so small”


Isobel saw the slide and loved playing on it and whizzing down it.

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