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Pompeii Re-constructed

Following the massively destructive volcanic eruption of 79AD, Year 7 pupils have craftily reconstructed many of the houses of Pompeii.

Recycled materials and even Lego have been combined to give a flavour of life in a Pompeian house. Open-air roofing to allow light and rainwater is a strong feature, and gardens to the rear of the buildings also figure heavily. There is also evidence of front rooms being rented as shops and there are even hand-made mosaics in evidence.

The models show great application and creativity by all of Year 7.


School Calendar

  • 21 Mar
    GCSE Art Exam
  • 21 Mar
    Senior School Music Concert
  • 21 Mar
    Lower Sixth: Inspiring Futures interviews
  • 22 Mar
    Year 10 to Upper Sixth Geography Trip to Iceland departs
  • 23 Mar
    End of Spring Term – 12 noon finish