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Philosophy in the Junior School


Girls in Years 5 and 6 have recently enjoyed an introduction to Philosophy. Their first session began with a noisy activity to get everyone using their minds and voices. They then progressed onto a brain-swopping exercise!

With the help of gruesome sound effects, the brains of two of the girls were swopped. The question that everyone was then asked to consider was “If Sally’s brain in now in Sarah’s body (and vice-versa), which person is now Sally and which one is Sarah?”

The girls responded with some interesting opinions and a lively discussion took place. Further sessions are planned as a very enjoyable way to encourage independent thinking, discussion, curiosity and questioning.


School Calendar

  • 6 Nov
    Sixth Form Information Evening
  • 6 Nov
    UKMT Senior Maths Challenge
  • 6 Nov
    Chemistry in Action Lectures, Sixth Form
  • 6 Nov
    Music Scholarship Auditions
  • 7 Nov
    Ski Trip Information Evening