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Neuroscience in Sixth Form

Sixth Form Biologists and Psychologists spent a fascinating afternoon with Dr Guy Sutton, Director of Medical Biology Interactive and Honorary Consultant Assistant Professor at University of Nottingham Medical School.

Dr Sutton gave a Neuroscience tutorial to the audience which covered university level concepts. He talked about his work with GPs, surgeons and the legal profession, and the links between neuroscience and the law.

The girls were particularly interested to hear about studies where patients undergoing brain surgery had “out of body experiences” when a particular area of the brain was stimulated. Dr Sutton also showed video clips of groundbreaking developments such as a system to enable a paralysed woman to control the movement of an artificial limb purely using electrical impulses from the brain.

The afternoon culminated in the dissection of sheep’s brain, chosen because of its likeness to the human brain.

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