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Junior School Swimming Gala

With 78 races, the highest number of races ever, this year’s Junior School Swimming Gala was a spectacular event. All swimmers swam with determination and competitive spirit. Banners and mascots were in abundance for all Houses and the team spirit was fabulous. The swimming was of a high standard with all girls performing to their best.


The results are as follows:

Year 3:  

Joint winners each with 31 points Isobel Hall (Cloaks) and Giorgia Dalley (Helmets).

Both girls are awarded a Winners’ plaque.

2nd place with 26 points and awarded a silver medal is Mya Malik Davies (Cloaks)

3rd place with 23 points and bronze medal winner is Grace Pimlott (Swords).


Year 4:

Winner with 35 points is Annika Aichinger (Helmets)

2nd place and silver medal winner with 33 points is Pia Knoss (Swords)

Equal 3rd with 29 points and awarded bronze medals are Erin Troop (Cloaks)

and Mia Carless (Shields).


Year 5:  

Winner with the maximum 36 points is Amelia Bogira (Swords)

Equal 2nd and silver medallists with 32 points  are Melissa Hall (Cloaks) and Nina Harper (Helmets)

3rd place (bronze medal) with 29 points is Charlotte Watson (Helmets)


Year 6:

Winner with the maximum 36 points is Sophie Dodds (Helmets)

2nd place (silver medal) with 31 points is Isabella Willman (Helmets)

3rd place (bronze medal) goes to Carli Jacobsen (Shields) who had 29 points


House Results:

1st place is Helmets for the 4th year in succession

2nd with 492 points is Cloaks 

3rd place is Swords with 453 points

4th place is Shields with 413 points


Well done to everyone who took part.

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