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Jewellery Design Winners

Girls welcomed Andy Howard, a student from the School of Jewellery, in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, into assembly recently. The current Year 10 girls had been on a study visit to the School of Jewellery last year and took part in a workshop run by Andy. He had challenged the girls to design a brooch with a story or narrative behind it.


Mashal Qureshi was delighted to win with her design ‘You are not alone’, encompassing two people holding hands with the world behind. The piece has been created by Andy and incorporates wood and two small figures.

Rachel Chard was told that her design had inspired Andy to create a series of pieces featuring dinosaurs.  A book is being created to accompany the work and Andy would like to include Rachel in this project.

Sarah Byrne also received a special mention for her design.

Saint Martin’s has good links with the School of Jewellery, with two overseas students working with some of the girls in Year 9 at the end of last term. Their work will be on display on Open Evening on Friday 27 June 2014.

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