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Iceland Geography Fieldtrip

GCSE and A Level Geographers travelled to Iceland at the beginning of the Easter holidays to brush up on their geographical knowledge and take in vast landscapes, bubbling pools, stunning waterfalls and an outdoor spa. Highlights for the girls included drinking from a cold mountain stream, walking behind a waterfall, standing inside a moulin, bathing in the Blue Lagoon, dressing up, seeing what really goes on a fish factory, looking at piles of volcanic ash on a glacier, meeting a 92 year old man and his collection of Icelandic artefacts, listening to their wonderful guide telling them Icelandic stories ……………. they even starred on Icelandic TV!

The girls said:

“I need to appreciate natural surroundings more as I really enjoyed the stunning, magnificent landscapes.”

“Even the long drives were interesting because the landscape surrounding us was so varied and captivating.”

“Beautiful walks in the mountains – overwhelming!”

“The best bit was walking on the glacier and seeing the moulin.”

“I am thankful and appreciative of the effort put into making this trip so memorable.”

“I learnt that by participating you learn a lot more.”

“Thank you. I learnt and experienced many extraordinary things.”

School Calendar

  • 22 Mar
    GCSE Art Moderation
  • 22 Mar
    Nursery Open Session
  • 23 Mar
    Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Navigation Training Day
  • 25 Mar
    A Level Art Exam
  • 25 Mar
    Year 9 Dance Show