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House Logos unveiled

Last year, girls were given the opportunity to design new House logos as part of the rejuvenation to the House system. The winning entries have now been finalised and professionally designed using the girls’ sketches. We are delighted with the designs and hope that the Houses are proud of their new logos.




Winners are as follows:

Swords – Antonia Elliot and Chizara Abraham-Igwe (combined designs/winners)

Shields – Heather Meadows

Helmets – Amber Burd

Cloaks – Lola Bowron


Further information on our School Houses can be found here: School Houses

School Calendar

  • 23 Mar
    End of Spring Term – 12 noon finish
  • 23 Mar
    Saint Martin’s Got Talent
  • 2 Apr
    D of E Gold Expedition Training departs
  • 4 Apr
    D of E Gold Expedition Training returns
  • 16 Apr
    D of E Silver Navigation Exercise