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History of Malvern Hall

Year 5 are currently studying local history and have been inquiring about, and investigating, the history of the School. On Wednesday, they took a closer look at Malvern Hall with the help of Mrs Iles, Executive PA, who has an enthusiasm for the School Archives. Mrs Iles showed them paintings and photographs dating back to the 18th century and compared the similarities and differences of the Hall from then to now.

The girls enjoyed a torch-lit tour of the cellars and were told fascinating stories about the servants’ quarters and the uses of the cellar, including the story of the old cook whose cooking can still be smelt along the corridors even today. The girls are looking forward to progressing with this project during the Summer Term when they look at Malvern Hall as Solihull High and Malvern Hall School. A big thank you to Mrs Iles for all her hard work, knowledge and enthusiasm.

School Calendar

  • 16 Oct
    Senior School – Meet the Tutors
  • 17 Oct
    Y12 and 13 Japan Visit – Residential
  • 17 Oct
    Junior School Recital 
  • 19 Oct
    Deadline for Year 7 applications
  • 20 Oct
    Half Term