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Head Girl Elections

At this point in the academic year the process of electing the next Head Girl takes place. The Lower Sixth students who wish to be considered for the role have each written a letter to Miss Edgar outlining why they would like to become Head Girl. Each candidate has also given a presentation in assembly this week. Girls and staff will then consider the letters and presentations and vote for their preferred candidate. Voting takes place tomorrow and the successful applicant will be announced at Final Assembly next Friday 31 March.


Here are some quotes from the girls’ presentations showing the breadth and variety of topics:

Mia Willis: “If you find yourself suffering from mental health issues, the best thing you can do, despite how difficult it can be, is to talk to someone you can trust.”

Francesca Pattinson: “How could my passion give me the confidence to fight for something that I am passionate about?”

Anya McCutcheon-Wells: “I think that it is essential that we demonstrate some compassion ….. I think it would make the world a much less       hate-fuelled place. Without compassion, we have conflict. Without understanding, we have ignorance. Without love, we have hate.”

Helena Scott: “Don’t always believe what you read. Weigh up all the sources, think and believe in your opinion or theory. But learn to accept the truth.”

Lucinda Winn: “Smiling stimulates our brain’s reward mechanism in a way that even chocolate and receiving up to £16,000 pounds cannot match. So, it is scientifically proven that smiling is better than chocolate.”

Elizabeth O’Connor: “Why, if we are all unique, do we sometimes try to be like other people or pretend to be something we are not?”

Sophie Stables: “Don’t  assume that others see the world the way you do; they don’t. When people see things differently to you, stop and try to see what they see rather than reject it out of hand. It is about living the values that we respect whilst respecting others.”

Carian Schofield: “How do women from the classical period and modern day face similar adversities and challenges? Many people believe that feminism is a relatively new battle but it has actually been around for many centuries.”

Niamh Round: “If I, and other phenomenal and inspirational people, can work with their flaws then what’s to stop you doing it too? Your flaws are a part of who you are but you shouldn’t let them control you, you have to look past the flaws to greatness.”







School Calendar

  • 13 Dec
    ABRSM Music Exams
  • 13 Dec
    Junior School Visit to Wizard Of Oz
  • 13 Dec
    Year 7 Festive Movie Night
  • 14 Dec
    AH/JS Christmas Shopping
  • 17 Dec
    Art GCSE Coursework Deadline