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Extended Project Qualification

Girls from the Upper Sixth demonstrated their professional presentation skills and outstanding levels of intellect at the Extended Project Qualification Presentation Evening last week. The EPQ is a qualification that is increasingly valued by universities and is just one way in which the School offers enrichment and extension opportunities to the Sixth Form. With so many girls wishing to take part this year, the presentations were held in two venues.

The breadth of subjects covered, together with the passion for the topic displayed by each speaker, led to an outstanding evening. The girls held themselves with such poise and confidence that the audiences were fully engrossed in the subject matter. The audiences were made up of peers, teachers and parents.

The presentations were as follows:

Stephanie Beaumont: Factors affecting the spread of Malaria

Emily Bhasin: How should we combat the problems associated with Plastics in a sustainable way?

Rebecca Chard: The experimental detection of gravitational waves

Emma McMullen: Britain’s Secret War

Catherine O’Connor: Cymatics – visualising sound

Harsha Parmar: Was the trial of Socrates justice or injustice?

Grace  Pattinson: Foreign Aid Solution or Problem?

Lily Rayson: The History and Perception of Biker Gangs

Alice Turner: A comparison of Maternity services around the world

Jessica Wevill: The Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing

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