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EPQ Presentation Evening


Girls in the Upper Sixth welcomed parents and staff to the Extended Project Qualification Presentation evening yesterday. EPQ is a qualification that is increasingly valued by universities and just one way in which we offer enrichment and extension opportunities to our Sixth Form students. The skills that an EPQ equips girls with provide excellent preparation for university study and the world of work. For university entrance in 2017 and onwards, changes in the UCAS points tariff will mean that an EPQ will be worth more university points than an AS Level.


“The girls have worked extremely hard over the course of the year and the evening was a culmination of their efforts.”            Miss Harlock, EPQ Co-Ordinator

I was extremely impressed by the standard of the presentations and the poise and enthusiasm of the girls.”                               Mrs Speirs, Head of Sixth Form

The girls presented on a range of topics as follows:

Roshni Joshi: Assess Germany’s response to the migrant crisis of 2015.


Isabelle Thomas: Analyse the significance of a country’s economy in relation to their Olympic success since Sydney 2000.


Eleanor Bray:To hold a festive charity fashion show.


Catherine Chan: How far is Machiavelli’s ‘The Prince’ controversial?


Leah Fisher: Analysing the importance of Performing Arts on Young Adults with Down’s Syndrome.


Hannah Dormon: Compare Hobbes’ and Rousseau’s view of the freedom of the individual, using ‘Leviathan’ and the ‘Social Contract.’


Emma Gardner:The impact of airbrushing on 17-18 year old girls.


Amelia Thomson: ‘The people of Britain were wholly in favour of World War One.’ How far do the anti-war poets Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owens and the pro-war poets Rudyard Kipling and Robert Bridges challenge this idea?


Wania Khan: Analyse the significance of personality traits and environmental factors in causing anorexia nervosa in 13-19 year old girls.


Sarah Byrne: Perception of immigrants- A Solihull case study.


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