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Election Fever!

Over the past two weeks the girls in Year 3 have been canvassing hard in School. There were 5 parties to chose from:

Helping Animals

God’s Trusty Assistants

The Blues

Gorgeous Greens

Sunshine Smilers

The girls presented their manifestos to both the Junior School and Alice House, covering a range of topics such as Environment, Health, animal welfare and poverty. The results have been counted, recounted and verified and the newly elected party is …..

The Blues. 

The girls have gained an invaluable insight into the world of politics and are looking forward to the next but one General Election when they can vote. Congratulations girls and well done to everyone in Year 3.


School Calendar

  • 14 Dec
    AH/JS Christmas Shopping
  • 17 Dec
    Art GCSE Coursework Deadline
  • 17 Dec
    Alice House Nativity
  • 18 Dec
    Alice House Nativity
  • 19 Dec
    End of Term